Football Frenzy Recap!

 -  -  21

Ella Meyer 

Staff Writer 

Mishawaka – Football Frenzy is always an exciting event on campus. We place our bets on whether we think the North Side (Oakwood and commuters), or South Side (Manges and Founders) will take the win. Even if football isn’t your favorite, it’s still fun to watch your friends play and get some popcorn or a drink from Travelin’ Tom’s Coffee Truck. I spoke with two players from the North Side, Gideon Rosa and Chad Cooke, about how they felt about the game. They said, “Brant Liestman’s rendition of the National Anthem inspired all of us to play our best game possible.” They said their team met at AC342 and got hyped up, but then walked in complete silence to the field. Touching on the events of the game, they said, “That first moment when Peyton picked off the first pass, got that interception, you just knew immediately that we had the game in the bag…our defense really stepped up. When the offense couldn’t make plays, the defense made great plays. I think everyone was a little bit concerned when Gramm, our offensive lineman, got injured, but we had some guys step up. They did exactly what they needed to do, and they pulled out the dub, 30-6.”  

We’ll just have to wait until next year to see if South Side will get their vengeance against North Side! 

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