Love is in the air

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By Rebecca Harness Love is in the air! Bethel College has had at least six different couples get married this past summer, and three out of the six had met their significant others here on campus. “It wasn’t like I had planned on finding my husband here,” said junior Janelle Foster. “Things just happen. A lot of my friends tell me that I am missing out on all of the college-life activities, but I feel like I have other priorities and feel like I get to do things that others don’t have the opportunity to do.” Foster has been married to her husband for three months now. Although she says she doesn’t regret her decision, a part of her still misses living on campus. “It can be difficult being both a wife and a student at the same time, but I wouldn’t change it for anything,” said Foster. “It adds to the experience and makes me look at things in a different perspective. I am no longer on my own. I honestly love the married life.” It’s hard enough for students trying to balance both social and study schedules, but how hard is it to be both a student and a married adult? “I definitely have more responsibilities,” said junior Abby Eicher. “I come from a very large family and am used to sharing chores and responsibilities with all of my brothers and sisters. Now that I am married, it’s just between my husband and me to get stuff done.” Even though her social time is now more limited (after all, she is a nursing major), Eicher still makes sure to spend time with her girlfriends. “Yes, marriage is important, but I can’t just forget about my friends and my homework,” said Eicher. “It’s very important to keep priorities in order, whether you are married or not.”
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