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Oakwood vs. Mangus game to fuel rivalry

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By Alex Tsikouris The Oakwood vs. Manges football game is schedule for November and the two rivalry dorms are getting ready to take home the Old Tin Cup. Manges has been the dominant team in the past, but last year’s game was a thriller to the end. Oakwood was up the entire game until the last few minutes when Manges scored to win the game. Eric Brown, a senior at Bethel, will be playing for Oakwood in hopes for a different result from last year. “Right now I am playing on the Oakwood intramural team, which will basically be our Oakwood team when we play against Manges.” Brown stated. “My position is the touch down scorer, and if I had to guess, I would say that Oakwood is going to win this game by two touchdowns!” Jake Everett, a junior at Bethel College is also ready to play for Oakwood’s team. “To beat Manges, we are going to have to come up with a superb game plan!” Everett exclaimed. “We have some tricks up our sleeves, so the boys from Manges better be ready!” On the other side of campus a few of the Manges players are extremely excited for the game. Sophomores, Zach Castillo and Ryan Vandosen plan to spoil Everett and Brown’s plans of victory. Castillo, the corner back for Manges declared that they would be victorious! “Count as high as you can, that’s how much were going to beat Oakwood by!” Castillo promised. “I will be playing as our free safety, and plan to have two picks, one of which will be a pick six.” Vandosen exclaimed. “Our game plan is simple; we are going to run directly at them through the middle, and pound through them! I plan on having a few big hits this game too!” With all the about the game on campus, it seems there will be plenty of fans at the game. Who will you be cheering for? Brown and Everett with their boys from Oakwood, or Castillo and Vandosen with their boys from Manges? Either way if the game turns out like last years, there will be fireworks.
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