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Student recovers from illness while abroad

 -  -  27

Jenna Early, a Bethel senior who is currently spending the semester in the Dominican Republic, is doing well after suffering some medical complications. Early was diagnosed with typhoid fever around Oct. 5, according to Brent Reimer, director of the Study Abroad program on campus. She was given medication from a local hospital to help treat those symptoms. Early, however, was not experiencing much relief from the treatment. She continued to battle fatigue, a lack of concentration as well as a sensitivity to light. She was taken to the hospital again to have more tests completed. It was decided that she was suffering side-effects to the anti-malaria medication that the team had been suggested to take. "This is the first time that I have seen a reaction like this to the medication, or at least the first time we have been able to make that link," said Reimer. The team leaders, Reimer and Early's parents all decided that it was best to take Early off the medication. As Reimer pointed out, the risk of malaria in that area is not that great and Early would probably benefit more from being taken off the medication. Early is now nearly fully recovered and doing well. She has been able to take part in the activities with the rest of the group there. The team is scheduled to start interacting into the community on Friday and Early will join in as well.
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