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Students serve the local community

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On Tuesday, Bethel celebrated its 22nd Annual Service Day. Students and staff went out to various locations across the Michiana area to help in whatever tasks the organization needed completed. The volunteers did any number of activities from packing boxes to reading to children. One group traveled to Life Station, a horse farm available for teenagers who need a place to feel welcome. Dwayne Wilson, the owner of Life Station, allows the teens to come in and learn basic riding skills and how to care for the horses. The Bethel students who worked at Life Station helped out by painting a fence, grooming horses and assisting in some yard work. "I got to retrieve a horse from out in the field," said freshman Sean Crumpacker. "That was pretty cool." Junior Alisha Miles, another student working at Life Station, was surprised when the horse she was grooming fell asleep on her shoulder. Another group went to Near Northwest Neighborhood to help weed and pick up trash. The students worked side-by-side trying to clean up the area. "I enjoyed working beside the people I go to school with, " said Ann Beachy. "It puts a twist on our everyday lives." Some groups, such as the tennis and softball teams, chose to serve at an organization together. One such organization was Feed the Children. At this location, the students packed boxes with items such as toiletries and books that would be shipped to families across the world. The large group was able to put together 4,600 boxes. "I had fun working at Feed the Children," said senior Brett Steller. "It is nice to know I made a difference." These locations are just a few of the ones that were able to receive help from the Bethel community on Service Day. Many more were impacted by the work that was accomplished by our students and staff.
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