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Zumba class offered to women on campus

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Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:10 to 6 p.m. ladies from all over campus gather at the Weikamp lobby for Zumba. Zumba is an exercise combining Latin rhythms with aerobics, according to “It’s really fun! You don’t know you’re exercising, “said Director of Student Enrichment and avid Zumba participant Michelle Yager. Bethel has been hosting Zumba classes since last January. In the past, female faculty and staff attended exclusively, but now it’s open to all ladies on campus. “I wish students would come,” said Kathy Gribbin, dean of students and residential life. Zumba and Gribbin share an eight-month history, and she said it’s fun and therapeutic in all its energy. The men’s soccer team incorporated Zumba in a fundraiser last semester, and many students participated. There was a lot of laughing and sweating among the “dancercise”. “It was actually really fun and a good workout,” said junior Sarah Clark. “It was also funny to see the soccer guys in their crazy work-out outfits upfront with the Zumba instructor.” Although some girls express doubts about Zumba, many are simply unaware. Junior Gabes Metz gave a thumbs down to the idea of attending a Bethel Zumba class, and others just aren’t interested. “It looks like it’d be a fun experience with my friends,” said sophomore Laura Johnson. “I would be shootin’ baskets while they’re shakin’ their butts,” said sophomore basketball player Baysia Cox. For further information on Zumba classes at Bethel, contact Human Resource Specialist Pam Freeman or simply come to a class. Levels of difficulty range from low, to medium, to high impact. Bring four dollars and clothes that can groove.
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