A wintry attitude

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Winter: a magical time of holidays spent with loved ones, beautiful snowflakes scattered everywhere, and a chance to huddle by the fireplace with a special someone or a splendid book. Winter: atrocious weather that forces one to hermit indoors, be late to destinations due to hazardous road conditions, and national holidays that cost loads of money that one doesn’t actually have. Winter: a time of differing views and attitudes. Junior Adam Stϋck has quite a unique outlook on the coming winter months. “I think there’s a reason Dante put ice in the inmost circle of Hell.” Northern Indiana and Michigan in the winter season are considered by some as the Frigid North. While compared with Alaska and Canada, Indiana is nothing; however, that doesn’t mean that winter weather conditions are kind to its occupants. Of course, weather isn’t all that winter is about. It includes holidays, creative indoor activities, calming times curled up in front of a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. “I love winter because snowflakes are one of the most beautiful and delicate things in existence,” said senior Kim Hale. The feeling of winter is a reflection of the attitude one has towards the season. For instance, one who keeps the second aforementioned attitude would feel that winter is never-ending and spiteful. However, one with the first aforementioned attitude wouldn’t think winter lasts long enough or that there were enough snowflakes; although realistically winter generally lasts about five months (give or take the start of the preceding or proceeding season) which is almost half the calendar year. You can see how this might annoy or excite one, depending on their attitude. “I’m okay with cold temperatures as long as it’s snowing and not raining,” said senior Katie Jolliff. “Rain just reminds you how cold you are.” No matter your personal outlook on winter, it is already knocking on the door and preparing to move in. So brace yourself and smile because God is in every season.
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