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Election results divide government

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This year's election was held Tuesday, Nov. 2, and the results have divided the government. The House is now Republican, the Senate is Democrat and, of course, the President is Democrat. Many wonder how this change is going to affect the country. Two of Bethel's own professors ran for office in this election. Professor Dave Schmidt ran for a position on the Penn Township Board. Professor Duane Beals ran for Indiana State Representative, District 6. Schmidt won his campaign and was elected to office; Beals lost to his opponent, Pat Bauer. Both professors had plenty to say about the results of this election. "I think sometimes a divided government requires people to work together," said Schmidt. "Before, the President and congressional leaders didn't involve enough Republicans. Now they will have to." Beals explained that he believes the President will be hindered now that the government is split which will solve some of the nation's problems. He also thinks that some problems at the local level may not be resolved with this new election. "Here in St. Joseph County, we are not bringing in any jobs," said Beals. "Our neighborhoods are deteriorating." Beals said that the county is in a downward spiral and that steps need to be taken to get the area back on track and bring more businesses in. Both men agree that there will be some changes taking place with the new members put into office. However, Schmidt pointed out that the next two to three months will show a lot about what Americans can expect.
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