Juniors claim powder puff victory

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The junior girls and their coaches after they defeated the seniors in the Powderpuff championship game. (Photo by Lydia Beers)
With last year’s seniors unable to defend their title, the powder puff tournament field was wide open and the juniors took full advantage. In the first round of action, the seniors were able to show off their experience and down the talented freshman. In the second game, the juniors were able to easily overcome the sophomores with a high scoring victory. In the consolation game, the freshmen were determined to get a victory on the night and defeated the sophomores by a close victory. The final game of the night was played by the juniors and seniors. The first half was a defensive battle controlled mostly by the juniors. Nicole Freeman picked off a pass that was returned to the one yard line. Nevertheless, the seniors were able to dig deep and come up with a goal line stand. On the juniors next drive, Quarterback Jordan Robbins led the juniors to the two yard line, where the seniors were able to come up with another huge stop. Despite not having good field position in the first half, the seniors were able to pick off a pass early in the second half to take the lead 7-0. After a couple three and outs for the juniors they were able to gather themselves and come up with an impressive offensive drive that ended with a Freeman touchdown. The juniors then went for two behind the legs of Freeman and took the lead 8-0. As a result, the seniors tried to come up with a miraculous comeback that resulted in interceptions by Holly Weaver and Hannah Miller, each returned for a touchdown. In the end, the juniors won by a score of 20-6. “I thought it was a lot of fun,” said junior Sarah Cressman, who was a major contributor on the juniors’ defense. “It was a lot of fun playing with fellow class mates that I don’t normally get to hand out with.” Cressman went on to say that it was a great win for the juniors after coming in second place last year.
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