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Scripture 66 concludes

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In less than 72 hours those who participated in Scripture 66 had completed reading all 31,102 verses of the bible. Early Nov. 8 the final Scripture 66 reader completed the book of Revelation bringing this years reading safari through the Scriptures to a close. “The best part about scripture 66 was hearing so many different people reading the Word of God,” said junior Josh Mann. Mann also said, “I got to read one of my favorite books: Ecclesiastes! I always enjoy reading Ecclesiastes.” For the duration of Scripture 66 the Central Gazebo was filled with a constant reading of God’s Word and a continuous flow of hot chocolate. Students and faculty read into the freezing temperatures of the night. Senior Greg Fox braved the cold and slept in the gazebo Friday night as an extra watchman. “Seeing my peers excited about and interested in something so culture opposite. Getting up at 4 in the morning to read the Bible in freezing weather is not the most attractive thing out there, which makes it so unique -- something I would not change,” said sophomore Casey Hasselkus. Hasselkus who was one of the students who helped put on the Scripture 66 event thought the event was great, but noted that the gazebo could have used an extra heater. In addition she also noted: “We could have online sign-ups stop before the Scripture reading starts, so that there is no confusion with additional online sign ups conflicting with people adding their names to the master binder in the Gazebo.” The weather may have been cold and wet at times, but that didn’t stop members of the Bethel College community to come to gather and finish the college’s 6th annual Scripture 66.
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