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Barb’s Barn Bash!


Grace Dodd Staff Writer MISHAWAKA— On October 27th from 7-9pm, Bethel continued one of their newer yearly traditions known as Barb’s Barn Bash. This event is where President Barb Bellefeuille hosts a fall celebration at her home.  The event is called a Barn Ba... More »

Go 2 BU Preview!


Grace Dodd Staff Writer MISHAWAKA— From Thursday, October 19th till Friday, October 20th, Go2BU will be taking place. This event is where prospective students will be able to have an immersive Bethel experience.   During this event, prospective students will b... More »

Lip Sync Battle Preview


Lip Sync Battle Preview By Grace Dodd             MISHAWAKA— On Monday, October 2nd, there is going to be a Lip Sync Battle where students will be able to perform different songs without actually singing them.               It was originally going to be held o... More »