Students offered more Task Force opportunities

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Bethel is introducing four new Task Force options starting this May. Students will be given the opportunity to choose between Dublin, Ireland, Alcoy, Spain and the Island of Grenada. ASL majors will be given the chance to serve in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. These new service trips each have their own unique characteristics so that students can choose what trip suits them best. The trip to Ireland will be focused on serving the local youth. The Bethel team will work alongside Dublin Christian Mission. This trip will be from May 4 to May 14. Sara and Jim Swartz are the team leaders. Students going to Spain will work with World Partners missionaries and will help run ESL camps in Alcoy. The trip runs from July 17 to July 31 and is being led by Eric and Lisa Oglesbee. Janelle Croster and Tom Carpenter will be leading the group to the Island of Grenada from May 4 to May 13. Students will have a wide range of activities here from teaching English to singing at local churches. Josh Hartsell, assisstant director of the study abroad office, pointed out that Grenada is a unique opportunity because the island has no separation between church and state. Therefore, the ministry teams can serve in public areas as well, such as schools. ASLIII and INTI majors will be offered the chance to go to Honduras and work with New Life Ministry and Happy Hands deaf school in the area. The trip will also run from May 4 to May 14. The team leaders are Jennifer Kutcka and Gina Harker. Bethel will continue to offer Task Force opportunities as long there is interest shown among students. Generally, the Task Force trips are not offered annually, but there is not a set schedule for the trips. As Hartsell explained, these trips are not about going on a vacation, but rather about experiencing the world and serving under God's name. "Going on a Task Force trip will not only affect you while you are there," said Hartsell. "It will ultimately change your day-to-day life when you return home." For more information, students can go to the study abroad office' s page on the Bethel Web site or contact Josh Hartsell or the leaders listed above.
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