Athletes with other talents: Jason Milbrodt

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When junior Jason Milbrodt is not playing outside midfielder and scoring goals for the Men’s soccer team you just might find him cutting hair on campus. Milbrodt is no one trick pony. He is a fine soccer player with a talent. He is known around campus for his quality haircuts. Especially, among the men’s soccer team who often get their hair done by Milbrodt. A few of his customers from the men’s soccer program include Martin Ruiz, Cesar Ontiveros, and Ryan Needs. Milbrodt has roughly three customers he would consider “regulars” and has between five to six other guys who frequently stop by his room for a haircut. “I used to cut my own hair and some friends’ [hair] in high school,” said Milbrodt. But he mentions that it wasn’t until college that he really got good. “He is good,” said senior Martin Ruiz, “He is getting very familiar with the clippers.” “I’ve gotten down using the scissors and layering,” noted Milbrodt. Milbrodt said he gives all of his haircuts free of charge. “I only cut for my friends,” said Milbrodt who also said that if he ever did end up charging it would only be about $5-$10 depending on the cut. Milbrodt was recruited to play soccer at Bethel College while he was attending high school at Grace International in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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