REACH students get a jump start

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Have you ever been sitting in the class and thought the kid next to you looked like he was only sixteen? Well, perhaps he was. Bethel has created a program known as REACH (Register Early to Achieve College Hours) where juniors and seniors in high school in the Michiana area can take courses to get college credit early. The REACH program offers a discounted tuition rate ($75 per credit hour) and students in the program do not have to pay parking or application fees. Students can choose from a number of 100-level classes or a few higher level classes with the professor's permission. The REACH students are only given a definite spot in the class after the last day of registration for traditional students. The credits earned can go towards a Bethel degree or any other school that accepts the course. REACH students are given a special I.D. which gives them access to Bethel events just as a traditional student would have. Some of the typical classes that REACH students can take include Calculus 1, Exploring the Christian Faith and Introduction to Theatre. Shelby Cooke, a senior home-schooled student, is taking Spanish this semester. "This is the first class I've taken as a REACH student at Bethel," said Cooke. "I don't know very many people in my class, but I have made a few friends." Cooke also stated that she thinks the class will be good preparation for college next year, no matter where she decides to go. Drago Dimitrov, a senior at Granger Christian, is currently taking Introduction to Communications with Professor Theo Williams. "I chose to be a part of the program so that I could enrich my learning and increase the amount of qualifications I have for my college options," said Dimitrov. Though Dimitrov's college options are still uncertain, he is also glad to experience a bit of the college life early. For most of the program's participants, the REACH program provides a great way to not only get ahead with credits but also with the adjustment to college life.
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