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Q&A with WCAC Speaker Caleb Bislow

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Caleb Bislow is the first speaker for World Christian Action Conference.  Bislow hails all the way from Franklin, Nebraska. He is a graduate of Bethel College, Kingdom Building Ministry speaker, and founder of Unusual Solders Inc. Before Bislow jetted off to Honduras he was kind enough to answer a few questions. JW: Any nicknames we should know about? CB: Biz. It’s the first syllable of my last name and I have had that nickname since grade school. JW: What is your wife’s name and how long have you been married? CB: My wife's name is Jess and I've been married to her for ten amazing years. JW: How many kids do you have and what are their names? CB: We have two kids and one more coming next month! Their names are Joshua Trace (4 years old) and Kaiya Dessa (15 months old). JW: Favorite sports team? CB: Nitro Circus. (Google it.) JW: What’s your Super Bowl prediction? CB: I predict that one of the teams will be very happy and the other one will be very sad. JW: If you can pick one, what is you most memorable mission trip moment? CB: I will never forget the first time I preached to an unreached Maasai village in Africa. I was amazed when the entire village responded to Christ, but I was even more amazed when I found out later that my wife had written a bold prayer in her journal for an entire village to come to Christ on that exact same day. JW: What is your favorite Bible verse? CB: Hebrews 13:13 "Let us go to Him outside the camp, and bear the disgrace He bore" JW: I hear you’re a big fan of the Bible character Joshua. Why do you like Joshua? CB: Joshua and Caleb are a couple of my Biblical Heroes. They had a God-given Vision and pursued it fearlessly regardless of the renown warriors and giants that awaited them. JW: What is your fondest memory of Bethel College? CB: I bought a block of ice and took this amazing girl named Jess to a tower in Elkhart. We climbed the tower and I threw the block of ice off of it. This was my attempt to "break the ice" and find out if she liked me. My metaphor failed horribly and she was extremely confused. So I went to Plan B and stuttered a horrible pickup line. I said, "Do you have a crush on me or what?" Miraculously, my poor tact paid off, because I got the girl and I am still very fond of her today. JW: What is your most embarrassing moment while attending Bethel College? CB: My freshman year I pulled a prank in Oakwood/Slater at 2 a.m. that resulted in the whole dorm being evacuated to the Administration Building. Needless to say the prank didn't go as planned, but then again maybe it went better than I planned depending on how you look at it. Don't get any ideas because I did have to face the wrath of the V.P. JW: What do you hope Bethel students come away with this week? CB: It's simple. My prayer is that everyone will spend some one-on-one time with God and ask Him what their part is in the Great Commission (Mt 28). JW: Where did the term "Unusual Soldiers" come from? CB: When I graduated from Bethel I was considering joining a church planting team in Arkansas. On a scouting trip an elderly man noticed the size of risk that the church planters were taking and he called them "unusual soldiers." From that day forward my heart has been branded for life. JW: Why did you found Unusual Soldiers, Inc? CB: The Lord has put a calling on my heart to raise up a small army of Christ Followers who sense a call to live out a life on mission in dark, dangerous, and despised places. The purpose of this ministry is to help train and mobilize students that identify with that calling. We'd love to have you join us for training by applying at
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