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Bethel blood drive is a success

 -  -  29

Bethel hosted another blood drive Feb. 10 with the American Red Cross in the Goodman Gymnasium. The Red Cross collected 102 units and there were over 25 deferrals. “We always have a good turn out here,” said Lorrie Wright one of the Red Cross’s collection technicians. Junior Michael Goodson was at Goodman making his fifth donation. “I have O positive blood and I figured if I’m a better donor because of my blood type I have a responsibility,” said Goodson. Students were encouraged to drink extra fluids for the next 48 hours and were warned not to skip any meals or participate in any heavy lifting or exercise. Wright said there has been a shortage of blood because of the snow day on Feb. 2. The Red Cross had to cancel a blood drive because of the wintry elements, which has led to fewer donations. The Bethel effort will help. “The blood drive was a success,” said Jon Rogers who was a student coordinator for the event. “The Bethel community really came together. I cannot thank the people enough who took the time out of their day to come out and donate and make a difference.”
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