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Bethel Rugby Begins 7s Season

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MISHAWAKA—The past two weekends have been packed full of rugby for our Bethel team. On the weekend of March 23 our men’s rugby team played in an exhibition 7’s tournament at Stinson Field at Notre Dame. Some of the other teams that were included in the competition were two teams from Purdue University and two teams from the University of Notre Dame.  

Our pilots faired relatively well, winning handily against three of the four teams played and tying the last game. Unfortunately, a few of our players sustained some pretty gnarly injuries. 

The reason that the team is able to play four games in a day is that the gameplay of 7’s only lasts for 14 minutes instead of 80 minutes. The team is made up of 7 players instead of 15 players for the fall season.   

This past weekend March 30, our men’s team went back to Stinson Field and competed against Lake Forest, two Notre Dame teams, Western Michigan and Bowling Green State University. Unfortunately, our Pilots didn’t fair as well as last week.  

Bethel Rugby only won against Lake Forest and one of the Norte Dame teams this weekend. That means that they lost the three other games against the other Notre Dame team, Western Michigan and Bowling Green State University. 

So far Bethel Rugby doesn’t have any more tournaments scheduled for the spring season. Bethel 15s should pick up in full swing next fall. 

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