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Charity Waters approved as new club

 -  -  31

Student Council recently approved a new club for the campus of Bethel College. The group Charity Waters has been in the makings throughout the last several weeks, and will now begin meeting as a club on a regular basis. Although the purpose of most clubs is to bring a certain type of people together, this club is trying to raise awareness and support for supplying people around the globe with safe drinking water. Josh Winningham is credited with founding the club as he has felt led to support this type of a project. He initially started talking with close friends and now has a goal of promoting the club throughout the entire campus. Charity Waters is a non-profit organization that links fundraising projects around the nation with building clean water wells in developing countries. As a result, Winningham has come up with a goal for the club to raise $5,000. This amount is significant as this would pay for a clean water source that would serve a community of up to 250 people. “$5,000 is a lot to raise, but if we can get a lot of people to help or donate I believe it can happen,” Winningham said. Because this will not be an easy task, Winningham and others have begun developing plans for how to raise this much support. “One simple idea is to collect change every week from students,” Winningham stated. In addition, they have also talked about hosting events such as a game night. The group is also in the process of designing T-shirts in hopes of promoting the club and raising awareness.
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