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Students Unveil Months Worth of Work

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Students unveiled months worth of work at the fourth annual Juried Student Art Exhibit.(Photo By Linsey Brasser)
The Weaver Gallery is once again filled with the artwork of many talented students. This time they were on display not only to see, but also to be judged in the fourth annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. “I like to show what I have been working on and see what my peers have been working on,” said sophomore Hannah Beamer. “It is a good way to get a feel for how my skills stack up with my fellow students.” Students have spent weeks and months working on their projects to perfect them for the exhibit. They have spent countless hours upon hours of their free time working on their paintings, ceramics, and photography. “On my ceramics, I probably spent about four weeks creating and glazing them,” said junior Charity Lewis. “My oil paintings took me about two months because the process takes a lot longer.” The Juried Student Art Exhibit is a judged exhibit that is open to all Bethel students, not just art majors. This year the judges were Professor Tim Erdel and Notre Dame Art Department Professor Danielle Joyner. The pieces were collected for five days prior to the contests. They were separated into two categories, 2-dimensional art and 3-dimensional art. They were judged on Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011. The winners were revealed the next night on Friday. Senior Jeremy Day won the highest award with Best of Show with his piece painting called Victorian Style. Breanna Beeman won first place in the 3-dimensional category with her sculpture called Matilda. Lisette Avila won second place in the 3-dimensional category with her piece called Migration. Carli Mast won first place in the 2-dimensional category with her painting called Why do flight attendants always have ugly hair? Nathan Hatfield won second place in the 2-dimensional category with his painting called A Logical Universe. There were many artists that received honorable mentions. “It allows me to share my arts with the public. I makes me feel like a part of society,” said Lewis. The Gallery remains open until Monday, March 7, 2011.
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