Nutshell: What is your Super Bowl Prediction?

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Dr. Bob Laurent, Professor of Religion and Bible: The only good thing about this game is that the Bears can’t possibly lose it! Andrew Oldfield, grounds: Packers 28 Steelers 17 Emma Wilson: The Colts and Lions are out so I don’t care. Kristy Burciaga, freshman: My prediction is that the Packers will win the Super Bowl. Samuel Prahlow, junior in high school: Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 24 Morgan Fox, freshman: The Packers Carol Dorough, Dean of Nursing: Steelers Caleb Jackson, maintenance: The Cincinnati Red Sox will take home the trophy. Tyler Mick, sophomore: Oh, the Steelers will take it, of course.  For their seventh Super Bowl win. Nakita Walter, senior: COLTS!!!  Oh, you mean for this year? Um.. Don't really care... Elaina Gillin, freshman: Red Sox all the way. Chester Shepherd, senior: More hip-shakin' wonderment from BJ Raji. Adam Weaver: The Bears for the Win!!! Renee Struwing, freshman: Definitely not the Packers. Carol Bemis: No one will be watching!  – Who wants to see the Cheese Heads play – it should have been the BEARS … Derel Griffey, 5th year senior: I predict that the Black Eyed Peas will ruin at least one person's super bowl experience. Aaron Stewart, sophomore: One team will win, and the other will lose. Thousands will be happy with the outcome, and thousands will be disappointed. Then there will be a bunch like me that don't care. Richard Young, Theatre Department Chair: My prediction for the Super Bowl is that the Dodgers will beat the White Sox, by at least half a dozen three point shots. Duane Beals, Professor: I predict the commercials will win by 10 minutes.  Alex Gonzalez, Resident Director:  Green Bay will realize that the Bears really are a better team and then they will forfeit.
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