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Students react to snow day

 -  -  27

(photo by Linsey Brasser)
Gales of wind and snow flurries hit Mishawaka and the surrounding area early this week, and Bethel College was no exception. Classes were cancelled Wednesday due to the blizzard like conditions, and students had a variety of reactions to the snow storm. “This was my first snow day ever, so I was pumped!” said Lisa Chang, sophomore. There were others that weren’t used to the snow as well, but not all were as enthusiastic as Chang. “I miss Ecuador,” said junior, Adam Stuck, “We don’t have blizzards in Ecuador.” The activities of the day were as varied as the reactions to the cancellations. Some did homework or ran errands they had been putting off. Many carried on with their daily routines. Others had a more leisurely day off, such as walking through the snow or playing cards inside the Great Room. “I had a late Tradewinds’ brunch and then sat around all day,” said sophomore Grace Holmes. “I sat around and did nothing, which I am now regretting because I didn’t realize I had all this homework to do,” said Chang. Some students dreaded the prospect of going back to class on Thursday, and many hoped for another snow cancellation.
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