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Gas Prices Predicted to Reach $4

 -  -  28

The national average price per gallon of gas is $3.55. One Year ago, the national average was $2.82 per gallon of gas. As gas prices continue to rise and summer quickly approaching, college students begin to think twice about traveling. “I’m not a fan of paying $40 for three-fourths of a tank of gas,” said Senior Kaitlin McLaughlin. “I have hardly gone anywhere unless I absolutely needed to.” The gas prices have gone up due to the recent activity in Libya. Although Libya only produces two percent of the world’s oil, the city happens to sit on one of the biggest oil reserves. Another reason the gas prices are going up is the fear that the conflicts will spread into other major oil producers in the Middle East. With summer quickly approaching, and students look to secure or find summer jobs, many begin to think about how gas prices will affect them. “For my summer job, we drive all over the Michiana area,” said Freshman Paul Anderson. “They give us $50 per week for gas, but that won‘t cover it this summer. So I will have to pay for gas out of pocket.” With gas prices projected to be four dollars or more per gallon this summer, some fear that they will not make enough money with one summer job. Finding a job is tough, so finding a second job might pose a tougher challenge. “I might actually need to find a second summer job because my one summer job does not pay enough, especially now with the rising gas prices” said Sophomore Ashlee Stanley.
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