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Students in perimeter housing recieve free cable

 -  -  27

Students in perimeter housing will now be receiving free cable from Comcast. Last semester, much to the dismay of many on campus, the free cable students were enjoying was downgraded to a lower cable package. “Not completely sure yet, but it seems as though all of perimeter housing just got free cable boxes to view cable with,” said Resident Director Alex Gonzalez. “We are still trying to track down how this occurred.” Comcast may now be providing cable for Bethel’s perimeter housing because currently Bethel has contracted Comcast to provide cable for Bethel’s common areas. Technically, each perimeter-housing unit has a common area in every house. Gonzalez believes this may be why Comcast is now providing free cable for students in these houses. Comcast visited perimeter-housing units and installed cable boxes on March 14. “I love ESPN,” said junior Derrike Kolb. “It’s about time.” Regardless of why perimeter housing is now receiving cable, many students are now very excited about having cable. “It’s the first time I have had cable in my life,” said junior Randall Bridges, who lives in Benton House, “I think it’s just great.”
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