Zeitgeist! performed at Everest Rohrer

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Zeitgeist! hit the stage in the Everest Rohrer auditorium on Thursday, March 10. The show, which was based loosely on the musical entitled "In The Heights", was performed by the Voices of Triumph and the Collegians, both comprised of the musical talent of Bethel students. “My favorite part of Zeitgeist! is the fact that this is my fourth show,” said Stephen Loewen, a senior and member of the Collegians, “I have invested four years into Collegians and have loved every minute of it. I am so happy that this was my senior show. The talent that has come through these last four years is incredible and I am truly honored to be on stage with each and every one of these artists.” The show involved music from various other musicals, the Beatles, and other performers, all of which were performed by the Collegians and Voices of Triumph. Work began on the show in August, with a break taken for the Christmas performances. “We have basically been putting this enormous puzzle together for seven months,” Loewn said. The show, which was put together by Jill Hostetler Karen Pajor, and Robert Ham, had a theme involving a family photo album. “Whether that is a physical family by blood or a family brought together because of love and friendship, we all have a family all around us,” Loewen said, “It is because of that family and God at the head that we can get through the tough times and rejoice in the good times.”
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