Cinderella Day

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Senior Leah Smith felt called to help girls in need and wanted to offer them a chance to feel like Cinderella for the day. So Smith along with volunteers collected prom dresses and enlisted local businesses and beauty professionals to create a day she named “Cinderella Day.”

“This event came to me after the Bethel ‘revival,’ said Smith. “Dennis told the students that we all have something to give and I thought about clothes, which led me to come up with the idea of the dress give-away.” The purpose of the day was to provide a place for girls to come and purchase gently used prom dresses for only five dollars. Cinderella Day volunteers collected over 80 dresses. A manager from the Body Shop was present to give complimentary makeovers. In addition, free make-up samples were donated by Macy’s. The event was held at Keller Park Church March 26 and a “take two” of the first Cinderella Day took place April 9. Twenty volunteers showed up for the first Cinderella event on March 26. Backed by local businesses, Smith and volunteers were ready to help as many girls as they could experience Cinderella Day. Although not as many girls showed up as Smith would have hoped, the events fulfilled their purpose by making girls who visited Keller Park Church feel like princesses. The highlight of the experience for Smith was when a little girl named Daneen stopped by Keller Park Church. Daneen spent the day with Smith and the other volunteers soaking up their company and wearing a fur coat she found among the treasures Smith was giving away. “One of the volunteers started singing worship songs with her and although Daneen was off key it was beautiful,” said Smith. Although Daneen was the only girl who showed up for the Cinderella Day “take two” event Smith believes the day was still a success. She and the other volunteers believe Daneen was the reason they were supposed to be there that day. “I'll never forget the sight of that little girl walking out of those front doors with that fur coat on. For her, that coat made her feel like a Princess. And wasn't that the point of Cinderella Day after all?”
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