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The events that took place Feb. 16 in chapel have been blogged about and tweeted about. Dennis Engbrecht, senior vice president, along with two other Bethel students were able to share on local television on “The Harvest Show.” What started as a normal chapel quickly evolved into something extraordinary following Jeff Kling giving his testimony of healing. Since Feb. 16 what has happened at Bethel has been called a “revival” and a “moving of the spirit.” Almost two months later, where does this “revival” or “moving of the spirit” stand? “The spiritual climate on campus since Spring Break has been noticeably different to me than that prior to Feb. 16,” said Engbrecht. “When I walk into the dining commons I sense a warmth, a desire on the part of students to share what God has been doing in their lives.”  Engbrecht believes the campus is still experiencing revival. He mentioned singing in chapel is stronger and he has noticed, as he passes students on campus that students seem to have a greater degree of joy in their lives. Some have described the events of Feb. 16 as a spiritual spark, which led to revival on campus. In addition, those outside of the Bethel community have also been affected by Kling’s message. Youth groups from Wisconsin to Michigan have come together to watch Kling’s chapel message and have been impacted by the message. Engbrecht mentioned a large youth group from Wisconsin watched Kling’s chapel service and experienced similar results as the Bethel community. “People have grown, but it has been with individuals not as a dorm or floor,” said RA Austin Francis. “It is really neat to see the people who have stepped up and are growing in their relationship with Christ.” “I feel like the feeling of revival just the funny feelings of revival have died down,” said Tyler Moor, freshman. “I think it is beyond the stage of we collectively as school are doing this one thing,” said Moore.
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