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Back to school party relocated due to weather

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Social Life held the annual back to school party on Wed. Aug. 24 in the recently renovated Dining Commons. The party was originally planned to be held around the pond, but due to the threat of severe thunderstorms the event was moved inside. This change in location did not prevent students from enjoying the experience.
Junior Levi Riggenbach serves ice cream to students in attendance at the annual back to school party in the Dining Commons. (Photo by Becca Bunch)
“I attended the party to catch up with some friends and eat yummy food,” said sophomore Madison Warren. Sodexho offered free food which included pretzels and cheese, ice cream, cheesecake, and a fondue bar. Many students showed up for the event and said they were excited to be back at school for a variety of reasons. Junior Baysia Cox admitted part of the reason she attended was for the food, but she also enjoyed the company. “The best part was seeing people I hadn't seen over the summer,” said Cox. Junior Lindsey Moore said she is glad to be back on campus after being gone last semester. “It’s been weird coming back to school after Pac Rim,” she said. “I feel a little like a freshman trying to get used to doing everything again. But I am excited to be an RA and meet new people on campus.”
From left to right: Juniors Lindsey Moore, Lisa Chang, Courtney Hemminger, Sarah Henderson and Kalin Oren enjoy their time catching up with one another. (Photo by Becca Bunch)
Junior Courtney Hemminger is glad to be back at school because of a great opportunity she has awaiting her. She is leaving for the Dominican Republic to study abroad next Wednesday. “I am really looking forward to God working through me in the DR and to finally become fluent in Spanish,” she said. Senior Jodi Spotts said she wasn’t ready for the “school part” this year but definitely the “hanging out” part. She is an RA in Shupe and is excited to spend time with the freshmen living there. One student, junior Matt Lockwood, had a response different than everyone else. Lockwood is glad to be back because he “wanted to keep working on finishing school instead of working a summer job. I am excited for my accounting classes,” he said.
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