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New dining facilities are well-received

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Returning students received their first glimpse of the new remodeling inside the Dining Commons. The renovations, which were completed over summer break, have been well received by many students. “I like the booths,” said senior Ryan Seabloom, “It gives it a more cozy atmosphere; almost like a restaurant.” Sophomore Kelli Beutler agreed. “The booths remind me of an old movie theater,” said Beutler. The booths weren’t the only part of the Dining Commons that were changed. Along with them came freshly painted walls, new chairs and an updated décor. The layout has changed, creating what some consider a more open and roomier environment. “It orchestrates the flow of people coming in and out better,” said Beutler. One student suggested that some parts of the new facility are nice, but they may be hard to maintain. “It looks nice, but these hardwood floors will be a pain to clean,” said senior Michael Goodson. Goodson remarked that he came from a janitorial background, and so he was naturally inclined to seeing things through that lens. “It’s very stylish, but there’s a cost to every extra little style you get,” said Goodson.  
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