Athletic department meets many goals with summer renovations

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After returning to Bethel College following the summer months, students discovered that there were significant renovations made to the Wiekamp and Goodman athletic facilities. The athletic staff put a lot of time and effort into the busy summer and has improved facilities for returning athletes. The athletic department is currently under the direction of Athletic Director Jody Martinez; however, with the athletic leadership staff that is currently in place, Chris Hess became a key person in these developments. Not only did they renovate the two gyms, but the entire building. In the Wiekamp Athletic Center, improvements were made with the hallways, classrooms, athletic hallways, both gym floors, the weight room, added a new weight room, added a fitness room, and added equipment to the Cardio room in Goodman. In addition, Hess also noted that there are three new lounges in the athletic center and that renovations are still being done to turn the Goodman gymnasium into the Bethel Volleyball Arena. For the athletic staff, there were a number of goals that they had which prompted them to making such significant changes with the facilities. “The biggest goal was to give our students more space to work out and also some additional areas to hang out,” said Hess. “Our campus needs more common areas for fellowship with one another.” Although this could have been accomplished anywhere on campus, the athletic staff felt that this would be a beneficial place to make it happen. “The athletic complex is one of the busiest places on campus, so we wanted to give our campus community some overdue facelifts and upgrades.” Despite still having a few renovations to go until the entire project is complete, the athletic staff including both Hess and Martinez are very satisfied. “I am quite satisfied,” said Hess. “Our coaches love the students here at Bethel College and are willing to do whatever we can to make the college experience the best it can be.” Martinez also noted that he was happy with the hard work that was put into the summer renovation. “I am extremely satisfied with the efforts of our Athletic Department that provided many labor hours over the summer, especially those of Chris Hess and Seth Zartman,” said Martinez. Martinez also said that he was very thankful for the support from the administration which included Dr. Steve Cramer, Dr. Dennis Engbrecht, and Mr. Clair Knapp. Hess also said that although these renovations had just been made they will continue working with improving other athletic sites. “We are also working on some upgrades and renovations in the outdoor athletic facilities for softball, soccer, track, baseball and tennis and are currently working on building a new outdoor basketball court for the students to enjoy,” said Hess.  
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