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Bethel pursues installing a consistent cable system

 -  -  26

Comcast has agreed to provide cable for students throughout campus this year; however, it will not be at the expense of the college. Although there has been some inconsistency with the cable being provided for students living on campus the last several years, the college has begun a system where they are aiming to provide an equal opportunity to watch cable for every student. As of now, the only cable that will be provided by Bethel for no fee is in the lobbies such as the Acorn, the basement of the Founders Village apartments, and each floor of the Lodge. While no cable will be provided for students for free, students living on campus in dorms other than Oakwood/Slater or Shupe have been able to purchase their own cable through Comcast and have it in their rooms. With this, Comcast has agreed to charge no installation fees and has provided a rate of $29.99 for the first six months. Following the first six months, cable will then be offered for $49.99. Throughout the last couple of weeks Comcast has sent representatives to sell at this rate to any students interested with no contracts. However, those living in Perimeter housing will have to wait even longer as they are trying to provide cable to these students at the consistent rate. Due to having made a previous bulk agreement for cable last year, Perimeter housing is now creating a system with the boxes they already have that will charge the same rate as everyone else on campus. Unfortunately for those living in Perimeter housing, there are no lounges for students to watch cable. Despite this being unfortunate for those wishing to purchase cable or have had cable provided in previous years, Bethel is in the process of creating a system and agreement with Comcast where it will be sold straight to the students for a consistent fee. If students want to have cable provided and are in a dorm where it can be, it will be their responsibility to make things happen rather than not knowing what to expect each year.  
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