Lady Pilot volleyball finds a new home in Goodman Gym

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This summer Lady Pilot volleyball received a new home and moved from Gate’s Gymnasium to Goodman Gymnasium. The move was in conjunction with numerous renovations to the Wiekamp Athletic Center, which happened over the summer. Head volleyball coach Julie Reininga said she has wanted to make the move to Goodman for sometime. As part of the renovations Goodman gym’s floor was completely refinished and outfitted with the equipment needed to hold volleyball matches. In addition, Goodman’s floor now bears BC Volleyball lettering. “Wiekamp is a beautiful facility but I remember the old days when we used to play in Goodman,” said Reininga. “You can get the place going and rowdy.” Reininga mentioned the move was made possible with the help of Chris Hess and the Bethel Athletic Directors. As for who paid for the move, Reininga said the Volleyball team raised the money for all of the volleyball related costs and equipment and the school paid for the rest of the renovation. “Basically, everything that has to do with the volley stuff we paid for,” commented Reininga. Reininga believes the team will play looser in their new surroundings and is looking forward to the more intimate atmosphere of playing in a smaller venue. She also mentioned she likes the fact that fans will be closer to the gym floor. The volleyball team is off to a good start already this season. They are 5-3 and the three losses came against ranked opponents. Reininga said the team’s goals this year are to win conference, be ranked in the top 25, and go on to the NAIA National Tournament.
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