Students predict World Series outcome

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The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals square off in the first game of their series Oct. 19 to determine who will be this year’s World Series champion. The Rangers claimed their second straight AL pennant after they pounded the Detroit Tigers 10-5 Oct. 15 winning the ALCS series 4-2. Not to be outdone, the Cardinals destroyed the Milwaukee Brewers 12-6 in similar fashion as they cruised into the World Series after winning the NLCS in six games. Last year the Rangers lost in the World Series easily to the San Francisco Giants in 5 games. The Cardinals have a lot more weapons offensively, than the Giants the Rangers faced last year. However, the Rangers also have several offensive weapons such as Nelson Cruz who even though he batted 7th in the lineup lit up the Tigers with six home runs in the ALCS. Judging from both teams regular season and postseason performances this series should include high scoring games. The Rangers had the 3rd most runs during the regular season while the Cardinals were 5th overall. Both teams have not had great starting pitching and have had to go to their bullpens early and often. Although the matchup should be a close one, several Bethel students are picking the Rangers to win the series.
The Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals have reached the 2011 World Series. (photo from
  “The Rangers will definitely win it because they had a tougher road to get there,” said Senior Kyle Dantzer. “I believe the Rangers will win because they have Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz,” said Junior David Foura. “Cruz was dominating the Tigers in the ALCS and they have a pretty good bullpen.” Senior Collin Koogler also thinks the Rangers will be victorious. “They have a better offense. Period,” said Koogler. Senior Jon Enfield went against the grain and picked the Cardinals to win the series in six games. “The Cardinals will win the World Series because they have had more consistent batting and offense,” commented Enfield. “Unlike the Rangers who have had high and low postseason production and I believe the Cardinals bullpen is better.”
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