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Students serve in Michiana community

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On Tuesday Oct. 4 students, faculty and staff went out into the surrounding community to serve. Senior Josh Winningham served alongside 90 individuals to help promote the Rhema Project, a group dedicated to help stop female infanticide. The group was split into four different subgroups that rotated to different stations in Weikamp. The groups were an education group, media group, craft group, and video/letter group. “In the education group we learned more about the problems facing girls in India and heard testimonies from those who have been to India such as Ted Bryant and Sabrina Hallock,” said Winningham. “The media group got on Facebook and Twitter and sent articles and videos about the Rhema Project to friends and family. The craft group made bracelets for Indian girls and the video/letter group allowed students to have a chance to share a message or word of encouragement to girls india via video or a letter.” Sophomore Danielle Carden went to the Goodwill on Cleveland in which they pulled clothing marked with green or white tags to be sent away. Along with that they folded pants and shorts and put them in barrels. “The manager said we helped put them ahead of schedule because they rarely have time to go through and sort clothes before the next shipment arrives,” said Carden. Sophomore Kendra Davis led a group of 100 people to the Feed the Children site in which they helped pack food and hygiene boxes for 3,440 families. “I thought it went well, and I know the people we helped were thankful,” said Davis. “However, I heard a lot of people complaining about wanting to be done.” Junior Andrew Gerig led a group of five individuals to Osolo Missionary Church in which they painted a play set and trimmed hedges. “The pastor and his wife were very appreciative and were impressed with the work we did,” said Gerig. Sophomore Jen Dado was a part of group that went to Bendix Woods County Park to help split wood, sweep pavilions and clear trails. “I think we definitely lightened the load for the park workers, and we probably made the park look a bit nicer, but it didn't seem very directly impacting,” said Dado. With that said Dado did say the group did have a lot of fun. “We enjoyed talking to the men who were workers at the park, and we enjoyed just serving with each other and making new friends,” she said. “We were definitely happy to serve and everyone seemed pleased with how the day went. I think it seemed great for the school as a whole also. It is nice to have most everyone go to the DC after serving for lunch so we can meet up with friends and tell stories about the places we served.” Carden believes Service Day is important to participate in. “People need to be reminded that this life is not about us,” she said. “It's important that they be involved in activities that do not benefit them directly. Going and serving, receiving nothing in return not only helps to shape their character but is a testimony in the community of what Christ is like, a servant." Davis agreed with Carden in saying it shows the community the school is willing to help for no real reason except for the fact that it’s good to serve others. “One of the men at Bendix said ‘are you guys all getting an A for doing this today?’ I told him that the whole school does it in different parts of the community because we enjoy serving others and that we're happy to help,” said Davis. His response was that they appreciate it.”
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