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Senior Hesbon Mwangi was inspired to host his own radio show after constantly being asked about his home in Ruiru, Kenya. Mwangi hosts one of Bethel Pilot Radio’s more popular shows called Taste of Culture. Mwangi, or Hezzy as he refers to himself on Taste of Culture, mixes a diverse musical selection into his radio broadcast. However, the real purpose of the show is to help listeners learn about Mwangi’s culture and how it relates to American culture.
Hesbon Mwangi was inspired to host his own radio show to help students learn more about his culture (photo by Josh Winningham)
“I was inspired by some students here, and because most people know me they would come and ask me about my culture,” said Mwangi. “I decided to start this show where I could talk about my culture and instead of educating one person at a time I could have a group of people listening to me.” Mwangi's show features lots of music. Mwangi plays classics such as the Beatles and popular Christian acts like D.C. Talk. Other popular artist’s songs like Jason Derulo make frequent appearances on the show along with music from his home continent of Africa. Mwangi is all about making sure his audiences are relaxed and having fun while they are tuned in. “If you want to have fun all you have to do is lean on me,” said Mwangi in a recent broadcast. Taste of Culture features various times throughout the show titled “talk time” where Mwangi dialogues with his listeners and gives his views on the topic of the week. In the past, Mwangi has not shied away from controversial topics such questioning the safety of Campus Safety being armed with guns. While broadcasting Mwangi is constantly talking with listeners via his Facebook page. Listeners have a chance to get mentioned on his show by commenting on Mwangi’s “talk time” question or by asking for a shout out. Listener can tune into Taste of Culture live every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. here http://www.bethelcollege.edu/studentlife/media/pilot/
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