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Men’s basketball provides incentives to attend home games

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Aside from the intense atmosphere and tradition of success, there is another added bonus to attending Pilot men’s basketball games this year. As an effort to encourage and reward students to come support the basketball this season, the basketball team announced at the 2011 Tip-Off Madness that they will be giving away four Verizon Android Tablets and a free dinner for those who attend most of the home games. If students attend eight home games throughout the season, they will be given a free dinner provided by the basketball team. According to the men’s basketball Sports Information Director, Robbie Lightfoot, the main idea of this event will be to give thanks to those who have supported the team all year. In addition, attending at least ten home games will make students eligible for the four tablet drawings at the end of the season. Overall, there are 14 home games, which means that students can miss four games and still reach both marks. When the students arrive, they can give their forms to the front ticket desk. From there the forms are usually stamped at half-time and can be collected sometime in the second half which encourages students to stay and cheer for a good portion of the game. So far this season, the student attendance has been a consistently large zealous crowd. The Wiekamp Wackos have always had an impact in Bethel home games for both the men’s and women’s teams. As a result, both teams have been extremely difficult to beat at Wiekamp. With amusing cheers, a new gym floor, and a promising team, it has not taken a lot to convince students to attend this year’s games. “I have noticed an increase in students who come and cheer,” said Robbie Lightfoot. “The number of Wackos in attendance has definitely gone up.” Lightfoot also mentioned that it appears that more students are getting crazy for the games this season and have dressed up for more due to the incentive. “This is a great opportunity with great rewards for me because I have loved going to Bethel basketball games since my freshman year,” said senior Derrike Kolb, who hasn’t missed a home game this season.  
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