Student spends Thanksgiving Break in the Dominican Republic

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For Thanksgiving Break, junior Brittany Fabris did something a little different. She traveled down to the Dominican Republic. Last fall Fabris went on the semester abroad to the Dominican and after her experience there she was eager to go back.
Fabris and her host family from her original trip to the Dominican Republic. (Provided by Facebook)
“I decided to go back to the DR on my break because I miss it,” said Fabris. “I miss the culture and the atmosphere, but mostly I miss the people. The girls I worked with during my time at sports ministry sites really drew me back. I genuinely miss them.” This time around Fabris didn’t stay with her previous host family but with a missionary and Bethel graduate Jessica Gates. “I went to visit my host family at their work first to surprise them,” she said. “When they saw me they started jumping up and down and the first thing they asked me was ‘You’re going to come over for dinner, right?’ And of course, I did.” Fabris said she had learned a lot from her host family. “It taught me a lot about love, understanding and dealing with cultural differences,” she said. “As soon as I stepped off the plane, it felt like I was home again. I think the DR will always have a piece of my heart.” Fabris said the time she spent with her host family was incredible. “I really didn't want to leave especially since I had my three little siblings hanging from my arms and legs begging me not to go,” she said. “It was great to see that even a year apart didn't faze my brother and sisters; they were glad to see me back in the house even if it was just for a night.”
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