Nutshell: What has been the most creative date you have been on for Valentine’s Day?

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Pam Freeman, human resources: Right after we were married, my husband took me to Marshall, Mich. to a Bed and Breakfast. That night he took me out to dinner at Winn Schulers, then to a random farmhouse. He told me to put my warm coat, gloves, and hat on. When we pulled around the house to the back, out of the barn came two huge horses and a sleigh. We then took a sleigh ride through the snow. It was wonderful! Christen Wegener, sophomore: Two years ago I sang at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir on Valentine's Day. Beat that. Lorraine Maxwell, freshman: I have never been on a date for Valentine's Day, but my family and I go out to dinner every year. Heather Boggs, senior: My favorite date, the most unique date, and my first date with my now husband was going shooting on my grandpa's farm!  We both love target shooting and use a variety of weapons.  It is by far the most memorable and most enjoyable of the many dates we've had! Tim Swope, senior: I have not been on a date for Valentine's Day. I am now accepting applications. Shawn Holtgren, vice president for student development: During my junior year at Bethel, a friend and I arranged a double date based on the board game CLUE. The four of us dressed up as characters from the game and proceeded to solve clues that he and I had hidden all over Michiana, including one at the Notre Dame library. The evening included dinner, dancing (can I say that?) and a videotaped confession from the murder (a Bethel professor at the time). [Mrs. WHITE-Stevens in the library with the lead pipe] Donna Jones, freshman: My boyfriend was in school in Kansas, and I was in school in Ohio. He made a DVD for me in which he walked around the house, did silly things like stand on his head and told me all the reasons that he loved me. Then, we got on Skype, had dinner "together", watched a movie at the same time over Skype and talked for an hour or two. Even though we were very far away from one another, we were able to spend Valentine's Day together. Heidi Hall, junior: Snowboarding for the first time in New York, followed by an afternoon of drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. It was so great!
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