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Collegians’ concert review: ‘Zeitgeist!’

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Admittedly, I had my doubts about the Collegians’ concert, “Zeitgeist!” when I stepped into the Everest-Rohrer Auditorium. Last year the curtain was drawn and I left my seat… completely puzzled. To put it simply, I didn’t get it. So you can only imagine my reaction when I saw the front of the program reading: “Don’t worry…we don’t know what it means either.” But to my surprise, this year I really did understand it. Sure, there was the occasional inside joke between members of the Collegians, but more often than not they let us in on the joke. One “plus” of the show is that the cast immediately let us know what they were setting out to do. The theme was “a show about making a show.” The “meta” aspect of the performance really worked in its favor, allowing for snappy, quirky dialogue and an informal tone. The show was expertly written, telling a humorous story while maintaining its cohesiveness. Great music was packed throughout the concert, with some songs borrowed from other musicals and some original pieces. Overall, the show didn’t fail to entertain. Filled with humor, well-written dialogue and great music, “Zeitgeist!” was a big hit in my book.
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