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Students react to new Bethel slogan

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Have you heard about Bethel College’s new marketing slogan? Well in case you haven’t, the new marketing message is “Spirited Connections.” According to, the marketing and communications office created the slogan, which they believe captures the gist of what Bethel College is all about. So what does it actually mean? This is what a few students had to say: “It means that there is almost like a network to help you grow in Christ,” said junior Mark Bisig. “It helps you to create accountability and fellowship.” “I think the new slogan describes the positive energy and family atmosphere of Bethel College,” said junior Kristen Hicks. Bisig thinks the new slogan represents Bethel accurately. “Bethel provides tons of opportunities to strengthen your walk with God, and it’s hard to not grow here,” said Bisig. However, senior Nathan Herrmann thinks they could have come up with a better slogan. “I get how they are trying to implement the family and community, but I feel they may have missed the mark,” said Herrmann. “It’s interesting,” said junior Evan Giles. “I like it, but at the same time I don’t. It’s trying to say too much about the college.” Although some students are familiar with the new marketing message, not everyone has heard about it. “I haven’t even heard of it before,” said junior David Foura. “And I don’t know what it means.” How will "Spirited Connections" affect the classic Bethel message, “Forward, With Christ at the Helm?" Rest assured, the marketing and communications department will not be doing away with Bethel’s iconic phrase, according to Jaimee Bingle, director of marketing and communications at Bethel. “We still have the same tagline, 'Forward, With Christ at the Helm,'" said Bingle. More information concerning "Spirited Connections" can be found at the following link:
Bethel recently unveiled a new marketing slogan "Spirited Connections." This picture and logo are currently featured on the Bethel homepage. (photo from
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