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Romney favored during Super Tuesday elections

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Super Tuesday held the promise of 419 delegates with 10 states participating across the country in the Republican Presidential nomination race on Mar. 6. Mitt Romney won six states, while Rick Santorum took three and Newt Gingrich nabbed one state. According to Fox News and the Associated Press, Romney's victories on Super Tuesday propelled him to a count of 415 delegates while Santorum holds 176 in second place. Gingrich registered 105 in the count and Ron Paul has 47. In order to win the Republican nomination, a candiate will need to receive 1,144 delegates. Romney posted wins in Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts and Ohio. Romney won easily in Virginia and Vermont where only he and Ron Paul were eligible to receive votes. One of the tightest contests of the day was Ohio, which was a toss up between Santorum and Romney. Ultimately Romney emerged victorious, further distancing the gap between him and Santorum. As for much of this race, both Gingrich and Paul brought up the rear in Ohio. Senior Mike Ferguson mentioned he was not aware Mar. 6 was Super Tuesday but said: "I would like anyone but Romney to win." However, fellow senior Jon Enfield would like Romney to win the Republican nomination. "My personal opinion is that Romney may not be my ideal candidate, but I do believe he will present the biggest challenge to President Obama," said Enfield. Santorum won North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee, proving Santorum will not easily surrender. The wins on Super Tuesday provided Santorum's camp with a much need boost after losing Michigan and Arizona to Romney. Sophomore Tyler Hartsough wants Rick Santorum to win because he appears to be a down-to-earth guy that could sympathize with the middle class. "I don’t find him to be flashy like the other candidates, and I think he can relate better with the average American than some of the other candidates," said Hartsough. Hartsough also mentioned America needs a president without a big ego so he can better relate to the common man. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had a decisive victory in his home state of Georgia as projected. Georgia is a gold mine of delegates and gave Gingrich and his supporters the shot in the arm they needed to remain relevant in the race.  A total of 76 delegates were on the table in Georgia. Gingrich’s victory in Georgia is his first since winning in South Carolina in January. Gingrich is planning to use this victory to turn his campaign around with hopes of more victories to follow in other southern states. The Presidential hopefuls are set to square off on Mar. 10 when Kansas holds its caucus, where 40 delegates will be up for grabs.
Mitt Romney won the most states on Super Tuesday as he continues to put distance between himself and the other Republican Presidential candidates (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
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