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Dining Commons now serving new options

 -  -  28

Attention all students the Dining Commons is now serving a new menu. The DC is one of eight schools chosen out of 850 institutions to implement a new menu from food service provider Sodexho. Sodexho District Marketing Coordinator Alicia Rensberger said the experimental menu is due to a Sodexho student initiative. “So basically we were almost randomly selected,” said Rensberger. Rensberger mentioned several new menu options that include fish tacos and a fondu bar. “We have been taking surveys with lots of positive responsive,” said Rensberger. “Overwhelming responses saying students really like the new options.” Rensberger also mentioned that in some shape or form the DC should be offering these new and healthy options for next school year as well. The Beacon talked with several students about the new options. “The food is less greasy and there appears to be more of an effort to have vegetables,” said Senior Stephanie Shively Junior Ben Fair  said, “I like that they are trying new stuff and I think they have some nice stuff for next year.” “I like it,” said Freshman Luke Hoffman. “I like that they are trying a little harder to give us some different stuff and it’s better than normal.” However, not all students have noticed changes at the Dining Commons. “Wait we have new food?” said Senior Colin Koogler. Koogler confessed he had not heard about the new menu nor had he noticed the change in the food being served at the DC Senior Karli Saner said she usually doesn’t eat at the DC but she hadn’t heard good things about the new menu. Senior Tim Swope believes the DC’s food has only been slightly upgraded. “The pizza is no longer lathered in oil,” he said. Swope cited the better pizza being one of the more obvious signs of the fresh ingredients the DC is now serving.
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