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Newsboys concert sells out

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Despite what some students believe was a lack of publicity, the Newsboys concert on Sunday, Oct. 14 in Weikamp, sold out. The event, when first announced, seemed like a pretty big deal. The Newsboys, one of the most well-known and influential Christian contemporary acts of all time, were coming to perform on our campus, the day before a Pilot Preview Day. Even though the only advertising on campus was a banner on the Bethel website, the concert had no problem selling tickets. “It was sold out,” said junior Rachel Andrews. “I managed to wait in line for tickets to buy and they had plenty, but by the time everybody got in it was sold out.” When asked what drew people to the concert, Andrews was unsure. “I didn’t see much advertising, so I’m not really sure. It might have had something to do with the radio station WFRN. They were advertising a little bit on there and so there’s a pretty good fan base.” Almost everyone who attended the concert noted that it had sold out. “The concert actually sold out and the gym was pretty packed,” said sophomore Luke Eichorn. The concert excited many Bethel students, and many who attended really enjoyed it. “It was absolutely sweet,” said Eichorn. “Every band that was there was just incredible.” Opening for the Newsboys were two lesser known bands with similar styles: “Luminate” and “Building 429”. “The Newsboys had a sweet rotating drum set that tipped and spun around, and everyone loved it,” said Eichorn, who also had the opportunity to help set up the stage beforehand. “It was a blast to help set up the stage and stuff, and we got to talk with a few of the band members as well … I hope we get the chance to do another big concert in the future!” “I didn’t really know what to expect, it was very bright and they put on a good show,” added Andrews. Freshman Annie Erdel had similar feelings. “I thought the concert was great … I have to admit I hadn’t listened to their recent albums as much though, so I was not quite familiar with all of their newer songs.” The reactions prior to the concert were very mixed. Sophomore Andrew Geisel thinks the group is past its prime. “They were great, but it’s time to retire,” Geisel said. “Don’t overstay your welcome.” Other students hadn’t even heard of the Newsboys. “I knew the concert was tonight,” said Bethel freshman Lexie Pflug, “but I don’t even know who the Newsboys are.” It was certainly not all negative, though. “They’re good performers, and they have a good stage show,” said Bethel freshman Kelsey Cripe. “I hope they sing ‘Wherever We Go’!” Cripe is, however, not a huge fan of the changes to the band.  “I saw one of their concerts five years ago, but it’s not the same four people.” During their heyday, Newsboys consisted of lead singer Peter Furler, Phil Joel on bass, Duncan Phillips on drums, Jody Davis on guitar, and Jeff Frankenstein on keys. While Phillips, Davis and Frankenstein stayed with the band, the new lead vocalist for the group is Michael Tait, who has been in the band since 2009, and sang on the band's 15th and 16th studio albums, "Born Again" and "God's Not Dead." 
The Newsboy Concert completely sold out.
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