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Professors take to the court for ‘noon hoops’

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Students passing through Wiekamp Gymnasium in the middle of the day might find something other than a quiet afternoon workout. On designated days during the week, some Bethel professors and staff members get together for what Dr. Robby Prenkert calls the “Lunchtime Basketball Association” (LBA), or what most players call “Noon Hoops.” While many professors might spend their afternoon teaching breaks in their office, having lunch or grading papers, there are others who meet in the men’s basketball locker room, closet their teaching attire, and suit up for some five-on-five basketball. The rules are the same as NAIA basketball rules in these pickup games. Players go by the “call your own fouls” style of play where breaks in rules must be agreed on before penalties are enforced. Most of the players involved have played together for years now. The activity provides fellowship, exercise and entertainment for these professor athletes. The level of ability ranges from ex Bethel all-stars such as Prenkert to some other competitors who have no ball experience and are there simply for the fun of it. Veterans and rookies alike begin their routine by warming up and stretching; a practice often ignored by younger crowds. The echoes of bouncing basketballs sounding off of the walls, the squeaks of basketball shoes that cover ankle braces and knee high socks: These are the sights and sounds that Noon Hoopers look forward to each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The style of play, much like the style of players, is different than the usual basketball players you would see on the hardwood of Wiekamp. There are less dunks and more hook shots, less pro-hops and more lay-ins, and the players at Noon Hoops just aren’t very interested in fast breaks. The Noon Hoopers are however, interested in new members! Faculty and staff members are invited to join in the weekly event. If interested, please see Prenkert or Brother Tim Erdel for more information.
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