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Student Council elections come and go

 -  -  30

Student Council (StuCo) elections are finished. However, most people didn't seem to know that the elections were going on at all. The Beacon spoke with Student Council President, sophomore Chris Scott, about this problem and other StuCo issues.
Student Council is looking for a higher profile after the recent elections.
When asked about the lack of publicity for the elections this year, Scott seemed frustrated. "Student council had the ability to send out school wide emails ... (Bethel) took away that privelage this year," said Scott. "Furthermore, we were only allowed one chapel announcement, so StuCo was just one amongst a bunch of other groups." Scott believes the loss of mass emails seemed to particularly hurt the elections. "With the exception of the mass emails, we didn't do much more publicity last year than we did this year, but the elections were far better last year." Scott said he is unafraid to address any issues facing StuCo right now. "The general perception is that student council doesn't do anything (laughs) ... I think I can change (that perception), but it's going to be a bit tough." The lack of enthusiasm for the elections, and for the Council as a whole, is seen as a major problem, and is something that Scott hopes to address in the future. "We need to be desirable, and right now Student Council doesn't have that appeal ... That's why the amount of enthusiasm, or lack thereof, was so bad." When asked why he joined StuCo in the first place in his freshman year last semester, Scott said "The Primary reason (I joined Student Council) was that I wanted to have an impact on the campus." Scott certainly seems to have good intentions and high hopes for his position. Although Student Council is not where he wants it to be right now, he has three more potential years of Presidency, along with the help of other students like him, to change that perception.
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