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Women outnumber men at Bethel and in classrooms across the nation

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New studies indicate more women are attending college than men. A "New York Times" survey indicates 57 percent of college students across the nation are now women. Here at Bethel that percentage is even higher with 65 percent of the student population being female. On the national level experts say more men have lost an interest in college. They say more women feel empowered to go to school and they believe changing cultural values have also led to the increase in female attendance. Here at Bethel there are different reasons for the high percentage of women. Director of Admissions Andrea Helmuth says part of the reason is the classes that are offered. She says Bethel's ASL, nursing and education programs are strong programs that appeal to women. Associate philosophy professor Tim Erdel had another reason for the high percentage of women at Bethel. "Parents are very protective of their daughters, and they don't want them away at Godless state universities, so they're willing to pay for their daughters at a higher percentage than males to come," Erdel said. Erdel said that sort of thinking is foolish though because men endure as much temptation at secular colleges as do women. "Most males aren't attracted to college," former Bethel student Matthew Boyer said. Boyer believes men are attracted to making money now as opposed to sitting in a classroom for two to four years. He believes that women are better at planning for their future and that most guys are spontaneous and do not think about the days ahead. "Men are being denigrated by culture,"senior David Albarran said. He believes there is this fear of an overbearing patriarchal society and it has made society soft. He thinks men are stepping down because of the headstrong nature women are developing. He said many women do this because they are compensating for the lack of male leadership in American culture. "Guys have more jobs that they are drawn to, such as mechanical jobs and factory work," frehman Malisa Dubois said. She believes young women are more attracted to college required jobs. Freshman Stefan Roose believes more women attend Bethel because of their faith. "I think a lot more girls these days are more outspoken about their faith to go to a Christian college," he said.
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