Nutshell: Which fast food place has the best fries and why?

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Rally's won, with Burger King close behind. Here are some voters' comments: Rebecca Brandt, senior “In-N-Out Burger Hands Down.” Austen Christianson, Senior “DQ, it's crunchy and soft at the same time.” Jackson Boisse, Freshman “Mc Donalds. They are always fresh and salty.” Baysia Cox “The best fries are sold at Wendy's. The changes they made a couple years ago really made a huge difference. Those fries plus a frosty are complete success.” Deidre Bridges, junior “Clearly Arby's. They're curly!” Zach VanHuisen, Sophomore “Rally's has the best tasting fries, because they are loaded with grease and fat and all manner of tasteful tidbits.”
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