Three meat omelet- A Tradewinds food review by Calvin Ray

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It was a typical Thursday morning; I woke up hungry and in dire need for a tasty breakfast. I was sitting on my chair and browsing around on my computer, not knowing what food I should get until the thought of going to Tradewinds popped up. I started walking to Tradewinds and when I got there the smell of the food revived my senses. I could not wait to jump into the experience. “Hello, just one today?” said the waitress as I walked in. “Yes, just by myself,” I replied. I couldn’t wait to dig into the menu and search for the perfect breakfast while the waitress poured me a hot cup of coffee, a perfect way to start the day already. Tradewinds has been a Bethel favorite because it’s close to campus and most importantly, it allows the use of Bethel bucks to pay. It also provides more variety for those who are bored with the Dining Commons, Acorn or Sufficient Grounds menu choices. After searching the menu, something caught my eye, and it sounded like the perfect breakfast- the three meat omelet. It’s an omelet that is topped with two slices of melted American cheese and three different types of small bits of meat inside it – bacon, sausage and ham, hence the name. The three meat omelet is priced at $5.99, and for the amount of meat in the omelet as well as the two extra sides, it was worth the price. My mind was made, and when the waitress came, I ordered the omelet, along with two sides of wheat toast and a side of fruit. I could smell the omelet being cooked in the kitchen and it made me impatient. When the omelet did arrive at my table, I noticed that the portion was excellent; it was neither large nor small, it was simply right. I took the first bite of the wheat toast and it was perfectly buttered and toasted. When I took the first bite of the omelet, it was perfect. It was cooked flawlessly and the amount of meats and cheese were perfect. For those seeking nutrition, the three meat omelet can provide you a healthy portion of proteins. Adding the side of wheat toast and fruit also makes it a hearty choice for breakfast. The only downside to the three meat omelet is that it gets bland through the course of time, and while the first bite is heavenly, it lacks variation due to its simplicity and should only be eaten once in a while. Nevertheless, the three meat omelet is an excellent choice for students who are hungry and seek a good amount of protein as well as a hearty early morning breakfast. The three meat omelet also goes well with coffee and can create a fantastic breakfast experience. After I was full and had paid for my food, I walked outside satisfied, as well as recharged for the day. I credit this to the three meat omelet, which I recommend to everyone, especially breakfast lovers. Taste: 5/5 Price: 4/5 Quality: 4/5 Overall: 4/5
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