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Valentine’s Day for singles

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Valentine’s Day is often one of those days when you either can’t stop smiling while thinking about that special someone or you find yourself curled up in bed watching sappy movies while eating chocolates that your mom sent you. While neither of these activities are bad to find yourself doing, there are alternatives for the latter. “I have never been in a serious relationship, or any relationship for that matter when Valentine’s Day comes around,”said freshman Timothy Foster. “I still manage to keep a smile on my face and do something with all my single friends instead!” There are many activities that single students can do to fill this holiday with happiness; however, there are some that should be avoided all together.   The texting of your ex would be a good place not to start this Valentine’s Day. Feelings of loneliness can often cause temporary poor decision making that may lead to this very thing. While on any other day of the week you would never consider doing so, don’t make Valentine’s Day the exception. Having the local florist deliver flowers to you in all of your classes that day, is also not a cure for the Valentine’s Day blues; even if they are marked “from your secret admirer.” While this puts on a good show for your fellow classmates and makes your life look exciting, those flowers will die and leave you, yet again, without a Valentine. “Eating” your feelings is never a good solution either. Although there is comfort to be found in enjoying a good twenty-two pieces of chocolate in one sitting, this will only leave you with a stomach ache; making you feel worse than you already do. Use moderation and the results might be more effective.   Last but not least do not resort to saying “yes” to the offer of a date from the stalker that hasn’t left you alone for the last three years here at Bethel. There are reasons you haven’t agreed to go out with them in the past. Remember them, and avoid a potential catastrophe that could happen from accepting this offer. There are many other cures for loneliness that will work much better than those mentioned above. Throw a “Bethical” party for all the people who are not preoccupied on your floor. Tell everyone to bring their favorite game and snack to share with the group, make a new playlist on your ipod and let the fun begin! “Every Valentine’s Day we made sure that there was some kind of activity taking place on our floor,” said senior Gace Jackson. “Now that I am married and living off campus, I almost miss the times shared during those get togethers.” Other activities such as dressing up and going out to dinner with friends, watching movies while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate, going to the bowling alley dressed as super heroes, going to a concert or maybe just volunteering your time and love at a local homeless shelter have the potential to be just as fulfilling as spending the day with your significant other. “I get so tired of people always saying that Valentine’s Day should really just be called “Single’s Awareness Day”,” said senior Jill Focht. “Just because you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t love the people around you instead!”    
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