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Kelsey’s How-To’s: Surviving winter blues

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With each new snowfall, Bethel students lose hope as temperatures stay dismal and spring break fades into a memory. Indiana weather teases us with a sunny day or two only to dash our hopes and cover the ground with snow. Will it ever end? Students are haunted with doubts and begin to lose their sanity. Never fear, here are some ways you can survive the unrelenting grip of winter weather and remember that spring is on its way.
  1. Have a sunscreen-smelling contest. Take turns with your friends blindfolding each other and trying to see if you can guess which brand is which.
  2. Make your own snow cones! Go to the nearest pile of snow, scoop up a cup, and add your own toppings. Try to pick out as many rocks and dead leaves as possible.
  3. Get a big bag of sand and pour it out in your dorm room. Lay a blanket out and have a picnic with your roommates.
  4. Grab your jacket, hat, mittens and a blanket and go sunbathing by the Reflections Pond. Just remember to use some of that sunscreen! Skin cancer is no joke.
  5. Brighten up your day by wearing swimming floaties to class. Bonus points for scuba gear!
  6. Put your swimsuit on and set off the fire sprinklers. You and your dormmates can run around in the comfort of central heating and still get the joy of playing in a sprinkler.
  7. Fill a spray bottle with food dye and water. Spray it on the snow to make pictures. It’s just like chalk!
  8. Invite some friends over for an ice cream sundae bar. Don’t worry about buying too much ice cream- you can just put it outside to keep it cold!
  9. Forget sandcastles- build SNOWcastles! Sit with your feet in the pond and build the best one you’ve ever made.
  10.  Raise money for cold medication by starting up a lemonade stand on the side of the road. Why should little kids have all the fun? Plus, you don’t need to worry about keeping your product refrigerated!
  *Please note that these suggestions are for comedic purposes only. The Beacon does not take any responsibility of charges by the school for damages that may occur due to following these suggestions. If you are pregnant or nursing you should not attempt these ideas. Please consult a doctor before stopping any medications. No purchase is necessary. Chances of winning depend on the number of entries. Some assembly may be required.
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