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Ambush competition thins, some still paranoid

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Ambush season is under way, and most of the playing field has already been eliminated. According to sophomore Abby Maas, who is still in the game, “assassins” will be sent out next week. Assassins are new players who are introduced to the game not to win, but solely to knock players out, thinning the competition. Maas admitted she’s become very paranoid, and even resorted to some bizarre techniques to avoid getting shot with the Ambush squirt guns. “I’ve dressed up as a boy,” Maas said. “I’ve studied and eaten lunch in the bathroom.” Maas doesn’t think her chances of winning are very high, but said she’s satisfied with how far she’s made it. Others haven’t been so lucky. At least 95 players have been eliminated thus far, including freshman Drea Louis. Louis, who was shot by Becca Bunch on Wednesday, March 27, said she lost voluntarily. “I let her get me out, because I’m tired of playing that stupid game,” Louis said.
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